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About us


Our experts have many years of experience in cyber security. All of our test results have undergone many rigorous tests, so the results you get are up-to-date and trustworthy.


We will not be affected by external evaluations. All results are based on real tests. We believe that readers should get the most authentic information.


We hope to provide readers with more knowledge about network security. To this end, we have written many related guides, and these articles and comments have been translated into multiple languages, so that readers all over the world can benefit from it.

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We look forward to every opportunity to communicate with you, whether it is a complaint or a blessing, opinions or suggestions.

The latest news of HowPrivacy, media reports, and joining the team can contact us through the following methods, we guarantee to reply you as soon as possible.

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HowPrivacy does not accept sponsorship from any VPN provider. If readers purchase products through links on our website, we sometimes earn affiliate commissions, Readers do not need to pay additional fees.

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